Caddies Greenfee Solutions is a combination of helping Golf course owners to sell more greenfee and make it easy for the Golfers to book and pay for greenfee tee times trough different digital applications.

Using a self-developed IT platform (TeeVolution) for the sale and delivery of prepackaged greenfees, the IT platform handles external golf courses as well as Caddies own brands, GolfStar, Cloud Golf Club, Greenfee Outlet and other third party concepts.


Caddies Clod logo

Cloud Golf Club is the cheapest greenfee membership in Sweden for those who only want a Golf-ID with discounts on greenfees, on GolfStars and other selected golf courses.

SmartGolfa sells digital greenfee checks at favorable prices that can be used at various golf facilities around Sweden. It is an opportunity for Golfers without a membership (no Golf-ID), for former, re-beginners and beginner golfers.

Greenfee Outlet is our latest sales channel for all golf clubs that want to increase occupancy on less attractive tee times without Golf course owners losing control over their greenfee price and their inventory of tee times. (Launch in May 2024).
Golfresan on Tour is our event company that every season arranges one of Sweden’s largest golf competitions for amateur golfers and which is played at around 50 different golf clubs around Sweden.

With Teevolution’s digital platform, the green fee market opens up in a completely new way for the golfers and the golf club. The golfers always get the lowest prices on the golf courses that the golf clubs themselves have decided to release, for example, hard-to-sell times, half-full balls or perhaps have a ”Happy Hour” on selected days and times. The system is very advanced and has a large number of parameters to use for selection of conditions for specific start times.

Today, Teevolution has a connection to two external booking systems, GIT and Sweetspot. The platform is built so that it is very easy to connect other booking systems via an API. This means that the whole world is a future market for Teevolution and above all the app Greenfee Outlet. You should also keep in mind that other external apps have the option of being able to connect to Teevolution’s platform to obtain tee times and prices for their own apps.